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Directors of Photography Guide Success

Potentially great ideas fall flat without the right hands to guide them. Directors of photography offer expertise to make photography projects a success. Whether the project is a short clip or a complex video, the director of photography has the skill to create the motion and magic needed for an impeccable outcome.

Directors of photography improve projects in several areas:

Motion photography: If a project requires more than stills, a director of photography can incorporate motion photography to create stirring images that come alive to the viewer. Through professional shooting, production and editing, the director of photography delivers motion photography that leaves a lasting impression.

Music videos: Every musician wants to attract more listeners. A music video director is the ideal partner to make this happen. Beautifully crafted music videos attract attention, are widely shared and spread the musician’s work like nothing else can. The music video director ensures the video incorporates the best mix of images and sound to draw fans and enlarge the artist’s audience.

Media: Some websites draw visitors in and establish a relationship with them. Others are quickly forgotten as visitors lose interest and click away. A director of photography provides motion photography that adds appeal to a website. Visitors are more likely to interact with, remember and revisit the site. Messages become more dramatic and memorable. The overall result is greater market impact.

Custom Advertising Photography

To achieve successful outcomes in any of these areas of advertising photography, the photographer must provide customized services that meet unique client needs. No two products, celebrities, videos or marketing campaigns are alike. An advertising photographer must be able to craft each image to match the vision for that project.

At Stevn De Lozada Photography, this is what we do. We offer all of this and more. Our professional advertising photographers create custom photography for brands based on their individual needs and vision. Catering to clients in this way allows us to deliver iconic images that are timeless and identifiable and truly stand-out in the marketplace.

To achieve impact with your next image, contact our team.

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