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The Lifestyle Photographer

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The goal of a lifestyle photographer is to make the consumer wish they were inside the image. The company’s marketing pictures must depict a reality the consumer wishes were their own. When this happens, the lifestyle photographer has successfully conveyed the message that the consumer’s life would be better with the product or service they are advertising. This is what increases a company’s influence and sales.

A lifestyle photographer creates new realities with several methods:

Products: What can a product do for a consumer? What are its uses? The lifestyle photographer showcases the wonderful possibilities that are in store if a consumer has the featured product. Through creative composition and product placement, the photographer makes the viewer see how useful the product is and how much better their day would be if they had it.

Lifestyle: Images can deliver powerful messages if they are framed properly. An experienced lifestyle photographer knows how to create pictures that say “you’re not living your best life without this product.” The image speaks to the consumer on many levels to convey the message that they can improve their lifestyle simply by having this product in their life. Poorly crafted images tell the consumer they are better off without the product.

Resorts and locations: Resort photographers specialize in making a place look special. They know how to bring out the most desirable features of a location. They make the resort or other destination look so appealing that the viewer wishes they were there. This requires in-depth knowledge of photography, advertising and consumers. A resort photographer possesses this winning trio of talent to produce impactful location images.

Masterpieces: To influence lifestyles, companies must hire influential people. Stock photos and general photographers may be sufficient for casual, low-end projects, but marketers who want high-quality, influential campaigns require a professional lifestyle photographer. Their insight is invaluable for delivering images that truly impact the public. This expert can offer suggestions for the best outcomes, apply in-depth knowledge to fully meet project needs and deliver a masterpiece.

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