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The Power of Advertising Photography

In a culture filled with phone cameras and thousands of clicks a day, it’s easy to forget the importance of specialty photography. We must remember that everyone can take a photo, but not every photo is worthy of an advertising campaign. Those unfamiliar with the advantage of advertising photography might not understand this and miss out on the benefits of working with an advertising photographer.


The Value of Advertising Photography

What emotional response do you want your campaign to evoke? Not all marketers understand the importance of this concept. The right photo can make an audience feel the emotions of excitement, trust, romance, freedom or fear. An advertising photographer knows how to craft images to stir up the right emotions to achieve marketing goals. They help develop the brand’s reputation and cultivate relationships with consumers. Few things can do this more effectively than the right imaging.

Whether the company wants to be perceived as sleek and polished, approachable and friendly, or exciting and innovative, the advertising photographer can craft this company image with the right photos. This contribution gives new meaning to the phrase “image is everything.”

Some companies rely on stock photos or general professional photos. These fail to get the right messages across to consumers. Without the help of an advertising photographer, marketers miss out on the opportunity to truly showcase their brand in the best possible way. Embedding a memorable marketing message in an image requires a level of expertise only a commercial photographer can offer.

Consider the following examples that demonstrate the value of advertising photography:

New-product photography: When a company introduces a new product, it’s important to highlight two things. A marketing campaign must first showcase the product itself. Images must portray the product clearly, attractively and in the most enticing way possible. Secondly, the marketing efforts must demonstrate how life is better with this product. Consumers who view images of the product must be able to see how it solves a problem for them. Advertising photographers achieve both of these goals. The final result is an eye-catching image that stokes the consumer’s interest in the product.

Old-product photography: Marketers are faced with a similar task for campaigns for existing products. The goal is to upgrade what the company already has and further increase sales. In this scenario, an advertising photographer applies their skills to share the product with the public in a new and creative way. As with a new product, their images show the public that their life will be better with the product. Consumers will realize they’ve been missing out on something when they are drawn in by the advertising photographer’s work.

Services photography: When selling a service, companies have to communicate with consumers what the service can do for them. Images must convey that they will feel special or better than others who don’t have the service. Advertising photographers craft images that send these messages. A glance at their well-designed image tells consumers that the service will make them feel better and important.

By utilizing the expertise of an advertising photographer, marketers can successfully make their products and services stand out from the competition.

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